Garage Door

Automatic garage doors are the most convenient solution with the highest standards of safety and authenticity to protect our assets, such as luxury cars and parking lots, from external disturbances or from pollution and climatic effects. Manufactured with the latest technology built with high-quality material to handle heavy-duty garage door and provides powerful operation with quick and quiet movements. The 24 VDC motor drive offers energy-efficient operation with standby energy-saving functions.

Automatic Garage Doors delivers the customer an easy to control, safe and product, suitable for any type of car garage which can be fitted to existing garage door with minimum modification.

Special Feature:

  • * Panels in Insulated Aluminum/Glass/Wood/UPVC doors
  • * Wall / Ceiling Mounting option
  • * Emergency Exit support
  • * Climate Control Support
  • * Fail safe/ Fail secure
  • * Access with Remote Control Device
  • * Self-learning controller
  • * Safety Stop and Safety Reverse
  • * Customized Opening size
  • * Customized Profile Colors & Designs

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