Rolling Shutters

The roll-up door operators are fitted with a limit switches with user-friendly settings that can simplify installation. Some products in the range can be equipped with an electric brake, which prevents the manual forcing of the roll-up door providing protection, while also giving a measure of safety by helping to prevent unplanned closing.

  • Automatic Rolling Shutter
  • Rapid rool-up action pvc shutters
  • Grill type shutters
  • Galvanised rolling shutters GI Plain
  • Galvanised insulated rolling shutters
  • Stainless steel rolling shutters
  • Polycarbonate rolling shutters
  • Self-coiling Push-Pull Manual rolling shutters
  • Electrically operated rolling shutters
  • Van and vehicle shutters
  • Aluminium Window shutters
  • Industrial Motor fitted rolling shutters

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