Road Barriers

The technically equipped and advanced design road barrier is the ideal solution for secure access control for medium-high traffic environments such as motorway toll booths, offices, industrial premises, hotels, shopping centers, apartments, as well as condominiums, companies, and fields. facilities, stadiums, sports complexes that always require access control to car parking areas, to ensure their use only by authorized persons.

Shopping centers, hotels and other public places require the management and control of the areas that will be used for parking vehicles, as they are accessible only to authorized persons. This requires a safe, efficient and reliable control system. Automatic Barriers combine ease of use, minimalist design and practicality, offering a wide range of accessories, as well as various control and monitoring options, from the most traditional remote controls and keys to “coin” or “magnetic ring” operated systems. .

Special Feature:

  • * Structural Mounting
  • * Emergency Release Application
  • * Fail safe/ Fail secure
  • * Access with Remote Control Device
  • * Flash Indicator
  • * Provision for Limit Switch
  • * Breaking / Slowdown control
  • * Partial Open Control
  • * Instant Closure post transit
  • * Safety Stop and Safety Reverse
  • * PCustomized Opening size
  • * Obstacle Detection and Reversal system
  • * Open-Close Time Setting
  • * Automatic Closing time setting
  • * Soft Start – Soft Close

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